Well Filmed but Too Fast: A Review of Tenet

Tenet was filled with stunning and extremely detailed visuals; however, its time-travel narrative was bewildering. From the opening scene, every frame was intense and packed with information. 

Director Christopher Nolan is known for his nonlinear plots, but Tenet was especially hard to follow. The videography could not compensate for the overly-complex plotline, in which the story seems to be told backwards. Events in the movie’s timeline directly affect the past and the subsequent future in various ways and it becomes overwhelming. It seems to be a closed-loop where the characters move simultaneously forward and backward, which can lead to confusion.

Though Tenet was a difficult movie to comprehend, its technical craftsmanship is still noteworthy. It is a magnificent film simply to experience, with powerful sound design and grandiloquent cinematography. Tenet requires extensive plot analysis to be completely comprehended, so if you are looking for an easy watch, Tenet is probably not the best choice.

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