Winsor and Belmont Hill Present: Playlist of the Issue November 2021

For our first joint issue of 2021, we are excited to share some of our favorites for the season and from the summer. We hope you enjoy these songs as much as we do!

Izzy: “Wasted Time” – Vance Joy

  • With Spotify Wrapped coming out in just a month, there is something wildly satisfying about knowing the exact song that will be at the top of your “most listened to” tracks. “Wasted Time” has become my quintessential soundtrack to everything fall, and I’ve played it on loop for days on end. The sweet vocals, smoothly intertwined with the instrumentals, capture the warmth of the late afternoon sun and the bittersweet ache as seasons change and time continues to move forward without ceasing. 


Izzy: “Boys” – Hippo Campus

  • This song is like coffee to coffee addicts. From the bright vocals embellished with electric instrumentals to the colorful thrum of the beats, every component of this song culminates in a cool refreshing rush of adrenaline. As you chug through your day on minimal amounts of sleep, this song will break through the depths of your exhaustion and revive you for a few delightful minutes.


Gigi: “Place to Be” – Nick Drake

  • “Place to Be” comes from Drake’s final album Pink Moon. Drake’s poetic lines and beautiful strumming are a reflection of his brilliant mind and music, and the entire album itself is a wonderful work of art. Speaking of, the exquisite cover art was done by surrealist artist Michael Trevithick, and it’s definitely a picture to contemplate while listening to this song. 


Gigi: “Autumn Leaves” – Chet Baker

  • Now that we are nicely settled into the season, “Autumn Leaves” feels like the perfect piece for the setting and captures the bustling atmosphere of fall festivities. Baker’s rendition features his smooth and clean trumpet playing, leading the music into an orange haze of swing and electricity. The different versions of “Autumn Leaves” are endless, and its variety of moods and rhythms make it a great classic. 


Kailen: “Jump the Turnstile” – TV Girl, Jordana

  • This song is from a joint album between indie pop band TV Girl and bedroom pop star Jordana. It’s perfect title, Summer’s Over, helps it fit the vibe of the final weeks of summer freedom. “Jump the Turnstile” is my favorite track, but every song on this record is an absolute bop, and I highly recommend checking it out.


Kailen: “Everytime” – Boy Pablo

  • “Everytime” is a super soft-sounding song that I refuse to skip any time it comes on. Somehow, it has made it into my top ten songs on my Spotify Wrapped for the past three years. Many of Boy Pablo’s songs have cool guitar riffs and goofy-sad lyrics that make it easy to just lie down on the floor and stare at the ceiling for a while. So, give it a listen!


Luke: “All of My Love” – Led Zeppelin

  • More of a “fall vibe,” this Zeppelin track takes a different approach from their previous albums. Its use of different instruments throughout the song, especially the synthesized violin in the middle of the song, makes it one of my favorites. 


Luke: “Todo De Ti” – Rauw Alejandro

  • This song reminds me of the summer. Everyone enjoys those three months when there are little to no worries, and you can just relax in the sun listening to some Spanish pop. While it might not be the most complex song, there is beauty in Alejandro’s simplicity, and I adore this sound. 

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