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Winter Concert Review

On Sunday, February 27th, Belmont Hill’s various musical groups showcased their talents to the community. The school’s Winter Concert involved a plethora of musical genres and instruments, providing a diverse listening experience. Moreover, the newly renovated Chapel’s excellent acoustics aided in bringing out the best in the performers.

To kick off the concert, the Upper School Jazz Ensemble performed a fantastic rendition of “Pick Up the Pieces,” a funk classic by Michael League. A riveting performance of Mr. Fiori’s own arrangement of a fusion composition called “Thing Of Gold” followed. Featured soloists included Davi Ribeiro ’23 and William Lloyd ’23 on the alto and tenor saxophones, respectively, and Cameron Connell ’23 on the synthesizer. The solos certainly elevated the overall performance, and the ensemble’s execution of the pieces attested to their many hours of rehearsal. 

Afterward, the Middle School Jazz Ensemble took the stage to deliver an exciting performance of “Killer Joe” by Benny Golson. Like the Upper School Jazz Ensemble, there were solos throughout the piece, with Brandon Li ’26 on the alto saxophone, John Pena ’26 on the bass guitar, and Henry Amenhauser ’26 on the drums. Although its members are still in middle school, the ensemble was well prepared. The future of the Upper School Jazz ensemble appears bright. 

The B-Flats, Belmont Hill’s premier singing group, performed next. All seven songs were full of spirit and heart as the enthusiasm of the B-Flats uplifted the overall atmosphere of the concert. Various solos, sung by Leonardo Montoya ’23, Alexandre White ’24, Jacob Czarnecki ’22, Gabriel Klug ’22, and William Kelly ‘23, were interspersed through the seven songs. 

Finally, the school orchestra capped off a great night of music, beginning with the upbeat final movement of “Ballet Parisien” by Jacques Offenbach. The orchestra subsequently performed an exhilarating arrangement from the motion picture Pirates Of The Caribbean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl– a stark contrast to the group’s opening classical composition. Each member was integral to the success of the overall performance. 

If you weren’t able to attend the Winter Concert, we encourage you to show your support at the upcoming Spring Coffee House, which is scheduled for Friday, April 8th, at 6:30 PM in the Kraft Theater.

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