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Wrestling Update: February 2021

Perhaps the sport most impacted by the need to social distance and refrain from contact, wrestling has had to greatly adapt to COVID-19 restrictions. As no person-to-person contact is permitted, not only has interscholastic competition been impossible, but intramural wrestling and practicing has also been unfeasible, forcing wrestlers to seek new ways to improve. As opposed to the usual drilling of wrestling moves, practices have instead taken the form of strength training and conditioning workouts that incorporate wrestling-related activities. Such workouts led by Coach Leonardis have included band-related exercises, jump ropes, and Bulgarian Bags, weighted leather bags that are intended to improve strength, explosiveness, and stamina. Meanwhile, other outdoor and occasionally indoor activities led by Coach Sullivan have focused on improving cardio and flexibility.

The combination of both of these aspects of wrestling have provided complete and intense workouts each practice. The prospect of contact practices still seems far away but these workouts have provided an optimal substitute for all wrestlers who hope to have a normal season next year.


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