Belmont Hill Hosts Own Debate Tournament

On April 10th, Belmont Hill’s Lyceum demonstrated its commitment to the art of debating by hosting its very own debate tournament. Unlike most of the parliamentary-style debate tournaments that take place throughout the year, the Belmont Hill debate was a prepared debate, requiring extensive research on a specific topic. This year’s resolution was whether or not to pass Bernie Sanders’s bill to rebuild American infrastructure with a $1 trillion government spending program.

A wide variety of schools from distant lands in the far reaches of New England came to partake in the debate tournament, showcasing their talent at making persuasive arguments on a specific topic. The Belmont Hill advanced debate squad was led by veterans Alex Czarnecki and Jason Fischman and consisted of many other seasoned debaters like Louis Gounden and Bradley Hart. Novice teams from Belmont Hill were made up of slightly less experienced debaters. Belmont Hill did not take home a win, but many teams did win a majority of their rounds during the debate, a fulfilling conclusion to a year of hard work from the debaters.

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