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Mrs. Baker Departs Belmont Hill

In 2019, Mrs. Baker—then Ms. Ruys—joined Belmont Hill as an athletic trainer and soon became an integral part of the athletic department and school community. Throughout her third year on the Hill, the “COVID year,” Mrs. Baker ran the COVID-19 testing program in addition to her role as athletic trainer. While athletic trainer, she also taught the Quantitative Physiology course to Form V and VI students, which preceded her transition from an athletic trainer to a full-time teacher for the 2023-2024 academic year. Throughout her tenure on campus, Mrs. Baker has co-headed the past two Spring Break community service trips with Mr. Masiiwa, helped found the Sports Performance Team, taught Health and Wellness alongside Mrs. Rupley, coached Form IV fitness with Mr. Masiiwa, led CPR courses, and coached her first season of varsity basketball this winter. In her five years at Belmont Hill, Mrs. Baker has done it all. 

When asked about her favorite part of working at Belmont Hill, Mrs. Baker answered, “The opportunity for me to interact with students, athletes, and the staff and faculty in so many different places…I feel really lucky to have made so many different relationships. My relationships with student-athletes were certainly a highlight. Teaching—it’s also the relationships, and just the support of this community has been uplifting.”

Mrs. Baker also said, “I feel really appreciative of the growth that Belmont Hill has allowed me to undertake. I’ve done a lot of different things that might not have necessarily been in my wheelhouse when I started here. Belmont Hill allowed me to grow as a person and as an educator and I’m so grateful for that.”

In her five years at Belmont Hill, Mrs. Baker played a profound role in the community in all of her roles. The Panel thanks Mrs. Baker for her dedicated work at Belmont Hill and wishes her the best of luck in her new teaching and coaching positions at Dedham Country Day School.

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