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2022 Sports Legacy

Approaching the end of the school year and the graduation ceremony of our fellow seniors, we as a Belmont Hill Community wish to commemorate the athletic accomplishments of our seniors.  


The Varsity Cross Country team had a very successful season, finishing with a record of 11-4, placing at the ISL meet and the New England Championship Meet. The team was bolstered by the leadership of seniors James Donahue ‘22.


The Varsity Soccer team had a challenging season, albeit with a very young team. The team finished with a record of 7-3-8. Goalkeeper Zach Dines ‘22 and striker Jack Albers ‘22 were key players, with Albers named a member of the all-ISL team.


The Varsity Football team had a challenging season.  They finished with a record of 1-7, however, their record doesn’t accurately represent the work and effort they put in.  Under the leadership of captains Mike Ahonen ‘22, Harry Lodge ‘22, and Nolan Parchesky ‘22, the team continued to fight after each loss and worked as hard as possible until the last play of the season.


The Varsity Hockey team had an incredibly successful season, going 17-3-3 in overall record.  Under the leadership of captains Charlie Cave ‘22, Will Killoran ‘22 and Tom Goguen ‘22 they reached the New England Championship Finals, however, were defeated by Salisbury.


In recent memory, the Varsity Basketball team had one of their best seasons. In ISL play, the team went 12-3, but where the team truly impressed was in their NEPSAC Championship campaign. The team made it to the final of the NEPSAC Class A Championship, falling to Hotchkiss 65-62. Captains Joshua Baldwin ‘22 and Martin Wilson ‘22, among other major contributors, Jaden Hill ‘22, Trent Mosquera ‘22, and Harry Lodge ‘22, enabled the team to have such a successful season.


The Varsity Squash Team had an amazing season, their record, 9-1.  With such an amazing record and the leadership of captains Will Okurowski ‘22 and Dietrich Jacobs ‘22, they won the ISL championship.


The Varsity Wrestling team once again had an undefeated season of 19-0.  Under the Leadership of captains Jimmy Harrington ‘22, Adam Figler ‘22, and Kailen Richards ‘22 , the varsity wrestling team won the ISL championship and came 3rd in the NEPSAC championship.  Furthermore, many of the Belmont Hill wrestlers went on to compete in the National Prep Tournament where Kailen Richards reached the status of All-American.


The Nordic Skiing Team finished the season with a successful record of 27-11. Led by captains James Donahue ‘22 and Howard Huang ‘22, the Nordic Ski team was able to come in 3rd in the NEPSAC classic event and fifth in the NEPSAC skate event.


The Varsity Alpine Skiing team had a record of 44-4 in the ISL season, coming just short of beating Nobles to the trophy. However, at the NEPSAC Class A Championship at Shawnee Peak, the team secured 3rd place over the two disciplines. Both captains Danny Crowley ‘22 and Anton Schmitt ‘22 were key members of the team, securing All-ISL distinctions. They leave Belmont Hill with two ISL titles under their belt. 


The Varsity Crew team had an outstanding season, especially with such a young team. The team won the Ducey Cup vs. BB&N via a sweep of all the boats, and then followed suit with another dominant victory over Nobles, earning the Bassett Cup. At the NEIRA Championship at Lake Quinsigamond, the 3v4 earned gold medals, while the 1v4 earned silver medals and qualification to Nationals in Sarasota and the 2v4 and 4v4 also received silver medals. Captains Stephen Warming ‘22, Howard Huang ‘22, and Ben Trotsky ‘22 played a vital role in achieving the great season. Charles Geddes ‘22, along with Stephen Warming ‘22 and Howard Huang ‘22 will be competing at Nationals in a couple of weeks.


The Varsity Tennis team completed an amazing season, despite being a relatively young team.  Under the leadership of Jarrett Chen ‘22 and Chris Egan ‘22, the Varsity Tennis team reached the record of 14-1 in ISL play.  They had an incredible start to the season, being undefeated in ISL matches until they played Groton, who unfortunately beat them to win the ISL championships.  In the NEPSAC tournament, they were able to reach the finals until just falling short of beating Roxbury Latin.


The Varsity Track team had an incredible season with a record of 9-3-1.  With captains James Donahue ‘22, Mike Ahonen ‘22, and(idk if there are more), they were able to win the ISL championship, upholding the winning status of the Belmont Hill track team, with the help of many seniors.


The Varsity Lacrosse team had an exceptional season led by captains Tom Goguen ‘22 and Charlie Cave ‘22, finishing with an ISL record of 12-1. At the NEPSAC tournament, they were knocked out by Governor’s academy. 


The Varsity Sailing team had an excellent season finishing 6-3 in overall record.  Under the leadership of captain Wilton Lawton ‘22 and Michael Salvatore ‘22, they were able to accomplish such a feat and have an overall winning record and successful season, despite the young team.


The Varsity Baseball team completed an excellent season of 14-9, where they came very close to reaching the ISL title, however, fell short.  Under the leadership of captains Jack Winnay ‘22 and Drew Blackwell ‘22, the baseball team completed an excellent season once again.


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