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2023 Crew Season Gets Going

The Crew Season starts long before Spring. Throughout the winter, the sound of ergs fills the air adjacent to the basketball court. During mud week, the wrestling room is transformed into a crew team workout haven. But finally, the time has come for the boys in the boat to get on the water, marking the start of an exciting season for Coach Richards’ team. 

Led by Captains Luca Mezzanotte, Sean Egan, and Mac Bobo, the 45-man squad, composed of 36 rowers and nine coxswains, marks one of the largest in Richard’s tenure. When asked if leading such a large team is challenging, Luca quickly dismissed this, stating that the entire group is “committed to the same goal and everyone wants to be there.” In addition, he pointed to the positive atmosphere around the team, particularly during workouts and erg tests. 

On the other hand, the weather has been a nuisance. Consistent rain and chilly winds blowing in from the ocean have made practices cold and wet. However, it has brought its fair share of memorable moments, most notably when Bennett Carroll ’23 convinced the team to row, even though it was bitterly cold and the Charles river was choppy.

With only one real race in the books, the season is far from over. In the team’s first race against Pomfret, all nine boats dominated, and the Belmont Hill 9v4 was able to beat Pomfret’s 4v4 by open water, an encouraging sign for things to come. When asked about how he was feeling about the season, Coach Richards stated that he was “cautiously optimistic” and ecstatic to be getting the season rolling. With seven races in the next month, the team hopes to carry this momentum into the rest of the season, with eyes on the NEIRA team trophy. The Panel wishes good luck to the crew team and the rest of their races throughout the season!

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