Prince Moulay Hicham Speaks at Chapel

On Monday, May 13th, Prince Moulay Hicham of Morocco, the grandson of King Mohammed V, came to speak to the school community. Known for his work with the United Nations, the Carter Center, and as a proponent for democratic and free elections, Hicham came to visit as a part of the Kageyama-Hunt Lecture Series. The series, founded by the parents of Belmont Hill alumni, aims to present a new speaker every year who serves as an example of positive international leadership. In his speech, titled “Between Conscience and Education: A Life of Dissent,” Hicham talked at length about his struggles growing up in times of rebellion, his efforts at establishing human rights and a more democratic government in autocratic Morocco, and the importance of a strong ethical platform. A moral code, Hicham argued, is the platform upon which any purpose or goal in life must be founded. He asserted that without such a code or set of beliefs, an individual is aimless. Hicham also made comments supporting dissidence, and how not being afraid to respectfully disagree with others can “salvage your spirit”. Overall, the chapel was a unique opportunity to hear from a prominent foreign leader whose message of ethics, respect, and healthy dissidence rang especially true in today’s times.

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