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A Letter to Progressives

To all my progressives out there,

It is not an easy time for us.  We haven’t had this little representation since at least 1928.  Hopefully, 2017 does not turn out like 1929.  Regardless, we could lose a lot over the next four years.  But we are progressives – we just don’t know how to remain anything but hopeful.  Don’t give up-there does appear to be a silver lining in this election.  The Democratic party appears to be finally realizing that it must fully embrace the progressive wing of the party.  Hillary lost because the Rust Belt was not going to be sold on a corporate politician yet again.  States like Wisconsin and Michigan needed a president who would not continue to allow manufacturing jobs to be shipped away.  But that president wasn’t Trump: it was Bernie.  

The primaries were biased against Bernie.  The chair of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was the chair of Hillary’s campaign in 2008.  When she finally resigned, she was replaced by Donna Brazile, who leaked a debate question to Hillary.  But after the election, Bernie & Elizabeth Warren quickly endorsed Keith Ellison to be the new DNC chair.  The first Muslim elected to congress, he is a strong progressive who endorsed Bernie in the primaries.  Surprisingly, Harry Reid, the departing senate democratic leader, and Chuck Schumer, the likely incoming leader, have also endorsed Keith.  The establishment is finally coming around, and they are ready to let us into the fold.  

When we are proud of our beliefs, when we stand tall for the middle class, that’s when we win.  During the primaries, we were tired of being told we were too progressive.  We were tired of being told we were unelectable.  Unfortunately, now we have Trump in the White House.  His recent college debt plan adds fuel to the idea that he is a progressive in disguise.  But we cannot bank on that.  The Democratic Establishment is ready for us, & we are not going to hold a grudge (even though we would be justified to do so).  We are ready to fight for a future to believe in.

With boundless optimism for the promise of America,

Philip Bailey

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