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A Poem A Day

On April 1st, everyone received an email from Dr. Tift including a poem and a set of rules. In that email, she explained that for every day in the month of April she would be sending out a poem to the community written by a student. Over the next 30 days, we saw haikus and 10 stanza poems, written by fellow students spanning from Form I to Form VI. When asked about her favorite part of the Poem of the Day experience, Dr. Tift said, “The best part of the experience was seeing the emails and hearing the comments from people around the community that were then shared with the poets, and seeing the students get the recognition and the positive feedback they deserved.” Over the years, our students have consistently gotten awards for their stellar writing, and Dr. Tift said she experienced this skill in her English classes time after time. But this year, the Poem of the Day provided an opportunity for students to show their extraordinary talent in front of the whole school in a way unlike the traditional Poetry Fest. In Poetry Fest, students memorize and perform famous poems written by professional poets, but these poems only gave a chance for students to interpret written art. The poems from The Poem of the Day allowed students to create their own original work to express themselves. The Poem of the Day may have seemed like a small thing to most of the community, but for the people who saw their poems, it was a fantastic way to bring poetry into our community. Promoting such a positive impact, The Poem of the Day will definitely be returning next year.

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