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Admission Open House

On October 2nd, the Belmont Hill community came together to put on the annual admissions open house. Prospective families came to campus to learn more about the students, teachers, and the school as a whole. As a student who toured multiple families, it was truly a great day for Belmont Hill. I started my tour at around 8:20 am and toured a family for almost an hour around the academic side of campus and then moved over to the Jordan Athletic Center. When taking my tour to the Jordan, it surprised me with how amazed and interested they were with our athletic center and sports at Belmont Hill. The tours not only helped prospective students and families learn about Belmont Hill, but they also helped students appreciate the school even more. 

After hours of tours and presentations, the school welcomed 334 total students to the school, pushing the total number of visitors (including parents) to approximately 735 people. It was a truly impressive day for the Belmont Hill community that, as Mr. Carr said, “the warmth, energy, and magic of BHS was on full display.” This was also the first in-person open house since before the pandemic, during which multiple virtual open houses were held last year. 

As Mr. Carr said in his thank you email to the school, “it took the whole village working together,” to put on this great event. The open house was not only a great experience for the touring families but also for every single person from the Belmont Hill community that participated. 

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