Alex Laidlaw Elected 2024-2025 BH School President

Belmont Hill prides itself on the success of its school presidents. There has been a long line of presidents in the past that have upheld the values that our community values, including Luke Carroll ’22, Daniel Drucker ’23, and current school president Luke Travaglini ’24. Looking to continue these legacies in the 2024-25 academic year will be newly elected president (and Editor-in-Chief of The Panel) Alex Laidlaw ’25.

Since his entrance into Form I, Alex has proven his leadership skills time and again. In the past two years, Alex served as the class president for Form IV and Form V. Alex’s contributions in the Senate include organizing and putting together community events including class-wide March Madness bracket challenges, a newly added winter ball, and an NCDS-partnered trivia night. While his leadership speaks for itself, Alex has also created long-lasting relationships with many of the boys within the current Form V class and has been able to represent them through the Senate. One of the notable highlights many have mentioned includes snack get-togethers throughout the highly stressful midterm season in an effort to foster togetherness. These initiatives and class-wide activities exemplify Alex’s dedication to enhancing a brotherhood throughout the whole community while keeping in mind the strains of sophomore and junior years.

Athletically, Alex has proven his leadership skills on the field as well, playing a contributing role on the varsity golf and varsity alpine ski teams. Alex has many aspirations for the entire student body next year, looking to follow in the footsteps of Luke Carroll. He described his biggest inspiration as Luke Carroll: “He was actually one of the reasons I began running in the first place. I’ve modeled a lot of the things I’ve done after him. We’re both debate leaders, model UN leaders, and now school leaders, so he’s definitely someone I want to look up to in terms of how I want to carry myself and how I want to lead.” As he is now taking various leadership roles in many extracurricular clubs on campus, Alex mentioned that he is not afraid to use his creativity within the Senate to implement school-wide changes, even suggesting a highly-anticipated revised sign-in system.

“Next year will be a year to remember,” Alex said. There is no doubt the student body and incoming students will be in good hands for a successful school year with the leadership of Alex Laidlaw. The Panel congratulates Alex for his recent election as school president and looks forward to seeing him take charge of the coming school year.

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