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AOTI: Aaron Green ’23

Aaron Green ‘23 has been a valuable member and captain of the Belmont Hill Varsity squash team for the last three years. As a result of his hard work and dedication to the squad, The Panel is honoring him as the Athlete of the Issue. This year, Aaron guided the squad to their fourth straight ISL Championship, with a perfect 9-0 record in the league.
When asked about his role on the team, Aaron answered “other than being captain, I need to be a role model for the younger guys and coordinate team activities. Over the years I have transitioned from being someone who followed others into being someone who needs to set an example.” He has many fond memories of the Belmont Hill squash program, but one that stands out in particular was during first year on the team; “I was at the top of the JV ladder, and Coach Brownell had me practice with one of the top guys from varsity. Obviously, he was much better [than me] and beat me, but after he told me just to keep trying and working to get better.” Coach Brownell has also been a significant factor of Aaron’s evolution from JV player to varsity captain as he “holds myself and the rest of the team accountable and makes sure we are playing the best we can.” Some of his favorite memories from Belmont Hill squash include beating Tabor last season for the ISL title, and “really any match that came down to the wire or we were the underdog and ended up winning. This year especially, there were a lot of matches where we [were] not favored and came up on top, which is really amazing to be apart of.” Coach Brownell appreciates Aaron greatly and says his contributions as captain were “superb” and that he was “super reliable”, adding that Aaron only “had one loss [all season], which is very impressive”.

Outside of squash, Aaron has been involved with the Belmont Hill soccer and rowing programs, and has also taken part in strength and conditioning with Coach Markham. He finds that Belmont Hill squash has taught him many lessons, most importantly that “you only can achieve what you put in. Squash has taught me a lot about myself and how I can stay calm and focused. I have learned how to control and compose myself in the heat of the moment through my time on the court.” Aaron has had an extremely successful athletic career at Belmont Hill and The Panel wishes him the best of luck in the future in all of his athletic and academic endeavors. 


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