Artist of the Issue: Howard Huang ’22

Howard Huang ’22 has been an integral member of the Belmont Hill Chamber Orchestra since he joined the ensemble in Form II; as the President of the orchestra, Howard’s prowess on the violin and natural leadership has elevated the standards of the orchestra in the past few years. Ever since he learned to play the violin in 5th grade, his work ethic and determined practicing has helped him develop into one of Belmont Hill’s best violinists. Howard’s passion for music is apparent in every rehearsal, helping younger musicians and offering technical advice whenever he can. One of his favorite musical memories during his time at Belmont Hill was playing in a Coffee House, in which he played Viva La Vida on an electric violin. Howard is not only a fantastic violinist, but an excellent pianist as well, which he has been playing since he was six years old. He has performed in countless concerts and Coffee Houses at Belmont Hill on both the violin and piano, a clear testament to his musical versatility and talent. Although it’s unlikely that Howard will pursue a musical career in college, he definitely wants to continue his musical journey on the violin and piano. The Panel wishes Howard the best of luck as he heads on to Harvard College next year, and congratulates him for his numerous musical endeavors. 

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