Debate of the Issue: Scary Movies or Comedies?

Scary Movies (ONeill):

Comedy movies are becoming the go-to flicks in our society, and while I am all for the easiness and comfort they entail, we need to get out of our comfort zone more often and experience more than just hilarity in the movie theater. Scary movies are like roller coasters: the increasing suspense leads to the moment when all emotions come out, making the whole process worth it. Watching a horror movie is a healthy way of experiencing catharsis, allowing your inner fears to leave the confines of one’s mind, freeing it from worry. Comedies are fairly one-dimensional; sure, there are classics that always induce a good laugh, but there are very few that implement metaphorical cinematic elements the way a movie like Get Out does. The deeper meaning behind each and every detail has significance, whereas, in comedies, there’s often dull plot moments that do not fulfil the goal of the film.

Watching a scary movie with others, whether it is in theatres or at home, is an experience that sticks around longer than viewing a comedy does. Witnessing the face or hearing the scream your friend makes after a jump scare will remain with you and maybe even give you a reason to tease them. However, if jump scares aren’t for you, there are still plenty of horror movies to choose from that utilize psychological components that evoke fright just the same, such as The Silence of the Lambs.

Next time you and your friends are trying to decide on a movie to watch, instead of watching Anchorman or Superbad, try Insidious or The Purge. The inexplicable excitement that arises in the midst of the most terrifying moments is a feeling unlike any other in regards to film. If you’re scared of trying something new, turn on the lights, watch in broad daylight, and keep a pet nearby. If you simply prefer comedy, try switching things up instead of watching Mean Girls for the twelfth time- you won’t regret it.

Comedies (Fairman:

To the sensible movie watcher, comedy movies are obviously better than horror movies.  For starters, comedy movies make you laugh, and allow all involved to have a good time ( I know … it’s a hot take), while horror movies make you scared.  It doesn’t take a genius to realize that laughter is enjoyable and being in a constant sense of fear, especially while being mocked by one’s peers, simply is not. If I am having a bad week, I am far more likely to watch a comedy on the weekend than a horror movie, just on the basis that the comedy will cheer me up, and a struggling through a horror film risks putting me in an even worse state of mind. In addition, comedy movies are family friendly, free for all to enjoy, and parents are not afraid to take their kids, so long as the rating isn’t too high, to enjoy a theatre showing. On the other hand, any good parent is not going to take their infant son or daughter to a horror movie for the simple reason that they don’t want to scar them for life, and rightfully so. Lastly, comedy movies are much better at creating a community than horror movies.  I still hear people quoting The Other Guys to this day, and that movie came out in 2010! People don’t just mention that they’ve watched horror movies in casual conversation. No, that is a dark secret that you tell only the people close to you. There is a reason horror movies divide society; you are a psycho if you want to spend two hours scared out of your pants.

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