Artist of the Issue: Peter Knowlton ’17

When and why did you start acting?

Fessenden required acting up through eighth grade. I remember enjoying it but I didn’t pick it up again until 7th grade, where I was Uncle Henry in the Wizard of Oz. I just wanted to try it out again and see where I stood with it. I loved the people and the atmosphere there, and a lot of people said that I had potential in the theater. So I’ve stuck with it ever since.

‘What was your favorite show you acted in?

It’s honestly a tie between Ed Parlor from Death by Chocolate (at Fessy) and Banquo from Macbeth.

Is there a specific role you’d like to play in the future?

My dream role is Javert from Les Miserables.

How difficult is it to manage acting at BH, specifically when it comes to our athletic requirements?

I’ve actually managed to weasel my way out of the requirements by supplementing them for the shows. Ninth grade was hard because, since I was new I felt obligated to do a sport every season, so doing shows was difficult. But now in Upper School I do one sports season a year and two acting seasons.

What do you do outside of school for acting?

I did an acting camp in Maine called Acting Manitou two summers ago. It’s a great institution and I would encourage anyone interested in acting to give it a try. It’s three weeks of intense all day acting, and at the end of the session you have the opportunity to put on an amazing show. Busy summer schedules have made it difficult for me to attend the camp since, and I very much regret not going back when I had the chance.

Has the BH theater program been meaningful to you?

The BH Theater Program has helped establish both a name for myself and a close group of friends whom I would otherwise probably not know. It definitely helped make the transition at Belmont Hill easier, and since then it has served as an escape from the intense academics and stress of Belmont Hill.

When and why did you pick up singing as a major hobby?

I started singing at Fessy in fifth grade. My dad sang in college, so after seeing him and his friends sing I wanted to try it out and see what it was like. I’ve continued to sing ever since. I’ve enjoyed both the people who sing with me and becoming more musically literate through singing. It’s a fun pastime and hope to continue it.

Do you plan on continuing either acting or singing in college?

I definitely plan on continuing both acting and singing in college.

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