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Artist of the Issue: Renny Gong

From playing the violin in the school orchestra to performing in front of many on stage, Renny Gong ‘20 has committed himself to the performing arts. Renny began his musical journey at the age of seven when he picked up the violin. After forming a love for this instrument, he started participating in violin competitions and playing with many other musicians, which led him to become the Head of the school Orchestra. His hard work intermingled with his talent for the violin led him to perform at Carnegie Hall last year, one of the most prestigious experiences in classical music performances.


Renny’s passion for the performing arts extends to a love of singing. Inspired by Benjamin Zander’s Ted Talk about how music can be transformative from experiencing loss in one’s life, he discovered a certain desire to reach out from contemporary music to modern. From Sam Smith to Kendrick Lamar, Renny started listening to various genres of pop songs almost religiously. Inspired by the lyrical prowess of many of these artists, he started writing songs of his own. Almost therapeutically, Renny tries to implement his past experiences of loss to inspire others to become more positive. “Loss is a powerful thing that I believe can change the world,” remarked Renny concerning his messages in his music. Although his musical creations take on a type of soul theme, Renny wishes to branch out to other different genres.


As a means to re-invent himself, Renny tried out for the school play last year. Through performing lead roles in Private Lives and A Chorus Line, he discovered his natural affinity for the spotlight. He attributes much of his success to the welcoming environment that theater presents him, noting that, “Although memorizing lines can be mentally taxing, this environment makes the experience very worthwhile.” In Renny’s perspective, another memorable experience was singing at the Coffee House last spring. This opportunity allowed him to showcase his passion and talent for music to the community through his captivating voice and, in turn, connect with more members of the Belmont Hill community.


Currently, Renny continues to passionately lead the school Orchestra and write music reflecting his personal experiences. Demonstrating his writing, Renny has performed his Woodbury speech in front of the school and won the competition. Although time restrains him from pursuing his passion for performing arts more avidly, he optimistically says that he will continue to pursue his passion whenever he has time. In looking forward, Renny will absolutely continue his talents in college and beyond.


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