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Athlete of the Issue: Finn Fox ’24

Finn Fox ’24 is not just a formidable force in the lacrosse field but also a high-achieving academic student and a valuable member of the Belmont Hill community. Senior captain Finn embodies the essence of both determination and skill, earning his place as a linchpin of Belmont Hill’s incredibly talented defense. Finn has been a member of the Belmont Hill lacrosse team for four years, earning many honors and leading Belmont Hill to several highly successful seasons. Off the field, Finn’s dedication to the sport of lacrosse is matched only by his kindness and his camaraderie, making him a highly respected leader by all those who have had the honor of playing with him. Finn Fox ’24 is not just a name on a roster; he’s a testament to what makes a Belmont Hill boy a Belmont Hill boy, and his commitment to the Belmont Hill lacrosse team and the community as a whole makes everyone proud. 

Although this year’s lacrosse season is far from over, the Belmont Hill varsity lacrosse team has had an incredibly successful start to the season, and Finn has played a major role in this exciting beginning. As of April 28th, the team stands at a record of 10-1 with their one loss coming in a hard-fought game against IMG Academy. 

When asked one thing the team has done really well this year, Finn said, “I think the team has done a really good job making our own identity. We are a very different team than last year; we adapted that and owned it.” When asked where the team could improve this season, Finn said, “We’re still figuring some stuff out, communicating more, and just finding out what type of team we’re going to be.” This is what Finn had to say about how he tries to be a captain on and off the field: “Sometimes I lose my cool in practice, but I always try to pick people up and help them grow as players.” With this being Finn’s last season at Belmont Hill, he is most looking forward to “being with my brothers hanging out in the locker room and hopefully winning an ISL championship.” As it currently stands, Belmont Hill is ranked as one of the top twelve lacrosse teams in the country by the USA Lacrosse Magazine ISL.

Finn is not just highly touted at Belmont Hill; he is one of the highest-ranked players in his class and is committed to continuing his lacrosse career at Princeton next year. When asked what made him pick Princeton, he said: “The high academics, my family was really high on Princeton, and I really liked it too.” Finn has also been selected in the first wave of All-American decisions.

Finn is one of the great leaders at Belmont Hill, as his teammates will tell you. Chad Sidel ’25, when asked how he would describe Finn as a leader, said this: “He’s always there when it comes to practices and games, telling you things that you can do better, but he doesn’t force it upon you. He’s like a coach, he’s very good at talking to you. When you’re in the huddle, he’s really good at directing your energy, anger, and emotions into the game.” When asked how much he was going to miss him next year on a scale of one to ten, Chad said a ten.

Without a doubt, the entire Belmont Hill community is going to miss Finn next year. The Panel staff would like to congratulate Finn Fox on a tremendous athletic career at Belmont Hill and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors at Princeton University!

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