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Belmont Hill Crew Spring 2022

As the Belmont Hill academic school year quickly is coming to an end, the BH Varsity Crew Team is just beginning its actual competitive season. After the grueling hours put in during Winter Training and similar sports over the winter, thousands of strokes pulled down in Stetson, Florida, and four scrimmages against other top schools in the country, Belmont Hill contended in its first race against Pomfret on April 23. The team consisted of the top six four-man boats. With both teams racing equally hard, all the Belmont Hill crews present departed triumphant. Captains Stephen Warming ‘22, Howard Huang ‘22, and Ben Trotsky ‘22, are the leaders of this year’s impressive group under the stewardship of Coach Richards. While the season has only just started, it is already shaping up to be a good one.

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