Belmont Hill Crews Race in Head of the Charles

On October 22, four Belmont Hill crews competed in the world-renowned Head of the Charles Regatta. Continuing this longstanding Belmont Hill tradition, all boats demonstrated their skill and fitness along the 4702-meter course, despite both the enormous headwind and a chaotic startline. This year, the Crew team fielded an unprecedented number of boats, with entries in both the Youth 8+ and Youth Coxed 4X events, and two other entries in the Youth 4+ event. 

In the Youth 8+ boat, coxed by Gabriel Umlas, from stern to bow were Kevin Weldon ’24, George Carroll ’25, Tyler Smith ’26, Timothy Snail ’26, Luke Trevisan ’24, Fitz Courtney ’26, Ethan Xie ’26, and Daniel Xie ’24. They finished in 74th place.

In the 4X boat, coxed by Aaron Stanger, from stern to bow were Gabe Simmons ’24, Duncan Kilbride ’24, Julian Boutin ’24, and Alex Schmidek ’24. They finished in 33rd place.

In the A 4+ boat, coxed by Brian Lee, from stern to bow were Nathan Pappas ’24, Will Walton ’25, Andrew Bittner ’24, and Jack Kastner ’25. They finished in 21st place.

Finally, in the B 4+ boat, coxed by Max Glick, from stern to bow were Lev Tolkoff ’24, Vince Mezzanotti ’25, Alex White ’25, and Luke Guleserian ’24. They finished in 41st place.

A special thank you to everyone who came out to support the athletes and the dining team along with the Alumni House who graciously set up a buffet-style breakfast for athletes and spectators alike. As the Head of the Charles comes to an end, Belmont Hill Crew now looks forward to the Spring season, only a few months away.

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