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Belmont Hill Performs 12 Angry Men

On November 11th, Belmont Hill’s Upper School theater came together for its opening night of 12 Angry Jurors, a classic courtroom drama held in Belmont Hill’s black-box theater. At the beginning of the play, everybody thinks that this is a clear-cut case: the boy is obviously guilty. However, Juror 8, played by Jerry Austin, holds off and states that this could be more than just an easy vote. Throughout the play, there is discussion and argument, as tempers quickly get short, and people shift back and forth. Juror 3, portrayed by Jeremy Eaton, strongly dislikes Juror 3 throughout the entire play. Many times, losing hold of his emotions, he eventually tries to attack Juror 8. However, Juror 8 slowly unhinges the facts and lays out that there are too many discrepancies. At the end of the play, Juror 3 is found standing alone; with no one else to turn to, he switches his vote to not guilty. 

Although it wasn’t always smooth sailing, the cast and crew put in a ton of hard work to make the show come to life. 

Congratulations to the cast as follows! Jordan Summer ’25, Stephen Agular ’25, Jeremy Eaton ’23, Juan Pablo Fernandez del Castillo ’25, Jack Luehrman ’24, Dave LoGrasso ’23, TJ Cannistraro ’24, Jerry Austin ’23, Tommy Folan ’25, Luke LoPresti ’23, Josh Houston-Davis ’23, Daniel Drucker ’23, and Chris Milmoe ’23. And also, a big thanks and congratulations to Ms. Michel, who put wonderful costumes together for the entire cast, Ms. Zawacki, who made the show come alive with lights and effects, and of course, Mr. Conway and Mr. Payne, who directed and supported the cast along the entire journey. 


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