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Belmont Hill Sailing Spring 2022

Varsity Sailing is off to a phenomenal start this year. The team is excited to return to regattas after many canceled events last year due to COVID-19. The first Regatta was at Marina Bay, where the team raced Milton Academy and Tabor. It was an interesting race with very little wind in the beginning and then very heavy wind at the end. Although Belmont Hill did not come out victorious, the team learned a lot facing two of the best teams in the country. When back at home, the team sails out of the Mystic Lake in Winchester. Coach Dennis Creedon has worked on developing boat handling skills as well as team racing skills. A typical practice will start with some tacks on the whistle and finish with team racing drills. The sailors have focused on perfecting their roll tacks and skipper crew coordination. 

Captains Wilton Lawton ’22 and Michael Salvatore ’22 have done a wonderful job leading the young team, mentoring and advising the younger sailors. In races and practice, skippers Quinn Healey ’23, Wilton Lawton ’22, and Michael Salvatore ’22 have worked on their coordination and communication, as well as team racing skills. Crews Trey Penna ’23, Alex Lo ’23, and Michael Furey ’25 have improved their boat mechanics and team racing skills. 

Season highlights have included, but are not limited to: Quinn running aground on the first day and breaking the centerboard rope, Trey falling in the water when trying to the dock, and Alex’s leaking drysuit filling up with water after he and Trey capsized. 


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