Belmont Hill Tennis 2023 Swings Into Season

Entering the core of the season, the tennis team has started off strong with a 2-1 record. Although early, Belmont Hill has already started to face some of their tougher matchups, such as Roxbury Latin. Roxbury Latin was ranked No. 1 coming into the season and favored to win the ISL championship. Belmont Hill put up a good match, only losing 4-3. The top of the ladder played strongly, with Captain Bobby Cooper ‘23 encouraging the team. Ernest Lai ‘25 at no. 2 and Morgan Rich ‘28 at no. 3 played hard and pulled out a victory for their singles matches. 

Cooper said that “RL’s doubles point ended up changing the course of the match” and led to their hard-fought loss. It was clear that Cooper was impressed with the team’s depth of William Sandor ‘28 and Morgan Rich ‘28 as they added talented youth to the already talented team. Bobby was impressed with Morgan’s development from last year and is excited about his prospect at being the top tier of the ladder. Everyone is dialed in during practice and that seems to be the leading factor in the team’s success. Effort and hard-work have always been one of the Tennis team’s prime characteristics.

When asked about the team’s new Instagram account, Cooper says that there will be “weekly updates” on how the team is doing as well as their match outcomes. Team morale seems to be high with the prospect of their new Head Coach, Mr. Speer, mentioning that he is not only a “focused guy,” but “maintains a focused mentality.”

Their next big match is against a well-rounded Andover team, however, the team is excited about their chances after coming off a well-fought RL team. After Andover, the team looks to take on Groton and continue their run into New Englands and the ISL’s, hoping to get their revenge on RL from last year. The Panel wishes Coach Speer and the team luck as they enter the later stretches of the season!

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