Better Buy Sale 2019: Another Successful Year

Annually, Belmont Hill holds a Better Buy Sale where donations delivered by Belmont Hill families are discounted up to 95% off and sold to students, faculty, staff, and the general public. Most of the items are either gently used or brand new, which makes it easy to find greatly valued items. Below is a compilation of items that I found throughout the Better Buy Sale prior to its opening.

  1. Birkin handbag for only $50, which is a great deal considering most of their bags are listed in the thousands. 
  2. On the bottom right, there is  an old copy of “Richardson’s piano method” published in 1859. The pages are already flaking  as this book is very old. In the center is a Yashica camera in good condition, the model is Yashica-D and it was manufactured between 1958 and 1972. 
  3. The pair of heels  to the left was designed by Stuart Weitzman, a fashion brand in New York. The pair on the left is branded Prada. 
  4. Find a colorful mug from this basket including 2 M&M mugs, an R2D2 mug, a basketball mug complete with a hoop, multiple mugs with jokes  imprinted on them, and a monkey mug.
  5. This stylish  Theory suit would look great with a blouse from the shirt section of the Better Buy Sale.
  6. Get this fur winter coat in preparation for the winter months.
  7. Prepare for the winter season by acquiring an old pair of skis or a snowboard. Maybe you can make the ski team.
  8. Get some furniture to fill up a room very cheaply. The Belmont Hill cross country team got 2 armchairs for their locker room for only $10!
  9. A basket of brand new ties for only $5 is perfect for any Belmont Hill student because everyone wants to be able to wear a fresh tie every morning!
  10. Buy some cheap Belmont Hill gear, it’s a lot easier than waiting for the Holiday Hill shop. They also might have specific athletic teams already embroidered.
  11. Obtain a Party with a Purpose hoodie so you can wear it during the month of dress down in support of the event  in concert with Boston Children’s Hospital.
  12. Lots and lots of Monopoly. Even a Fortnite version probably here because the game (Fortnite) is dead
  13. Buy a bike or a scooter to get to school without contributing to the world’s carbon emissions .
  14. Full Lego sets are hard to come by and often very expensive. At the Sale there were many sets including this fully built Death Star with almost all of its pieces.

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