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BH Catan Club

Catan Club, led by Jack Shah, allows Upper School students to dive into the world of Catan, a multiplayer board game that challenges players to expand their colonies with strategy, skill, and luck. Since 1995, Catan has been a favorite pastime for many, having sold over 35 million copies to date. Designed by Klaus Teuber, and formally named Settlers of Catan, the game is composed of an island which is made up of hexagonal tiles, each of which contains a certain resource, and based on the placement of your settlements as well the number on the dice, supplies are collected and used to expand one’s colony. 

As with most games, Catan is one that is easy to learn, but hard to master, and with randomized terrain and the luck of the draw (or roll, in this case), it becomes a wonderfully intense yet tactical time. Gather materials, trade with (or steal from) your friends, and try to build up your settlement. 

The club meets every Tuesday at 2:15 in Mr. Bracken’s room.

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