BH Computer Science Club Undertakes New Projects

The Computer Science Club is a new club on the Hill, having started last year. Led by Fifth Former Alex Lo ‘23, the club focuses on applying computer science to the community. The club meets every Monday at 2:15 in the iLab. 

Last year, the club worked on making the Belmont Food Pantries’ website and the members worked with the head of the food pantry to revamp their outdated website. The club added more color and eased website navigation. The members had a blast working on the website and working with the food pantry staff. Moreover, they were excited to help the local Belmont community, especially with the ongoing pandemic. You can look at the new website,!

This year, the club is working on building the computer science and engineering programs at Belmont Hill by integrating coding into hardware, by programming hand-wired cars to complete simple tasks. This will combine hands-on engineering work with computer vision software. The project will be implemented in the Form III engineering class.

On the side, the club is also working on machine learning on a sports dataset. The club is exploring sports analytics by doing basic algorithms on football statistics such as linear regression. The club also worked on Discord bots, which could function as 8balls, translate Latin from Whitaker’s Words, and compute molecular masses of compounds. With all the exciting projects underway, the club looks forward to another successful year!

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