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BH Food Committee

The Food Committee was established in 2020 by senior Abe Tolkoff ‘22, and it has already left a lasting impression on the Belmont Hill dining experience. The Committee meets every month to discuss all things related to food. The Committee comprises around two students per grade and a couple of teachers. In the midst of the pandemic, the current Committee, led by Ben Trotsky ‘22 and Alex Lo ‘23, has done the best it can to navigate through dining challenges. 

The Committee meets to discuss food on the Hill, especially targeting student opinions. Before meetings, the committee sends out whole school surveys to gauge current opinions on the food. For example in the latest survey, the majority of students wanted chicken sandwiches, which were added to the menu in the all school lunch on the lawn. Some successful past projects have included the hot food bar and the panini bar. 

This year, the committee is working on diversifying the grab and go food options and returning to hot food. The committee has already helped in attaining the all school grab and go cookout. Some future projects include a burrito bar and salad building station like those at Chipotle. The committee looks forward to pushing various new and innovative ideas in the coming future!

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