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BH Math Lab and Math Club

Belmont Hill’s Math Lab and Math Club are convenient ways for students to get help with their homework or further their mathematical knowledge and participate in competition math. Math Lab, which is more informal than the Math Club, meets Tuesdays at X. There are no preexisting competition deadlines or required problem sets. Math Lab involves the club leader, Kevin Jiang ’22, providing extra help to students in anything math-related. If you are in need of tutoring, do not hesitate to reach out to Kevin or stop by Mr. Brownell’s room. 

The Math Club meets Tuesday at 2:15 and is led by Howard Huang ’22 and Alex Lo ’23, and meets with the goal of preparing members for future math competitions such as the NEMLs and AMCs and participating in fun team-based competitions like Math Madness by Arete Labs. The NEML is a competition math series with 6 tests of 6 questions of Algebra 2 difficulty at the most difficult. The AMCs vary much more widely in difficulty, consisting of 25 questions which only technically require Precalculus knowledge, but incorporate many proofs and math thought patterns that are only seen in the highest levels of mathematical theory. The first 10 problems should be fairly straightforward to complete but nearing the final 5, the problems reach past college-level math difficulty. Math Madness is a bracket-style team competition where teams of 6 from each school compete head on head in a 30-minute long set of problems. 

Come join the Math Club if you are interested in competition math and its thought processes. Competition math is fundamentally different from the math one learns in school, so those who may not see themselves as talented at math may find success in competitions. The club leaders welcome anyone to come check out the club because everyone will absolutely learn something.

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