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BH Panel

Isn’t it ironic we are writing about The Panel from within The Panel! But, how could we not when we are writing features on the many clubs in the school? 

With approximately ten percent of the student body now a part of The Panel, we are one big family dedicated to creating a newspaper for the school community. Since 1953, the newspaper has been publishing throughout school years, helping to build an archive highlighting student opinions related to current events happening at the time. We often publish archival articles highlighting student opinions from significant times in history, and it goes without saying, those writers and artists have contributed to the legacy of Belmont Hill (take a look at our previous issue which highlighted previous experiences related to the 9/11 attacks as an example).  

Student opportunities in the club are limitless! While many choose to be the creators of the words you see on this page in front of you, others contribute to what makes the pages of the newspaper pop through their art. We have social media editors, graphics creators, layout editors, and so much more. We truly hope you come to join us (no experience needed!) and help contribute to a long-standing tradition of the Belmont Hill community. Are you interested in art,  journalism, or anything else really? If so, The Panel is the club for you. 

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