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BH Peer Tutoring

Dissimilar to the numerous extracurricular clubs and activities that emerge and disappear every year, peer tutoring remains an annually popular program as one of the most storied and continually impactful traditions at Belmont Hill. Pairing younger students needing help in a given subject with an experienced older student, the peer tutoring program is an invaluable resource for all individuals seeking help in grasping a new concept or simply wanting general advice on study skills and organization.
In addition to the vast number of current older students who once benefited as tutees, nearly all peer tutors who have provided help in the past have found this program immensely rewarding. In addition to being able to refresh their knowledge of prior topics, peer tutors, many of whom were aided by an older student in this program when they were younger, find giving back to younger students incredibly gratifying. Also, many pairs of students have found that this program allows them to form an unlikely friendship, creating connections that last across their time at Belmont Hill.
Thus, for younger students seeking guidance in how to prepare for a given class or older veterans wanting to give back to the community, the peer tutoring program can be both a beneficial and ultimately rewarding experience.
According to Mrs. Richards, “The number of students who peer tutor each year varies from the mid-40’s to low 60’s. She also asks that you “consider volunteering to be a peer tutor. It involves one block per week, and the program truly benefits the Belmont Hill School community. As a tutor, you have the opportunity to help another student, make Belmont Hill stronger, cement your knowledge of a subject, and list a wonderful activity when you are applying to college. Some of our BHS faculty members were peer tutors when they were students at Belmont Hill. Mr. DeCaprio was a dedicated peer tutor who really made a difference in one boy’s life. To volunteer, please email Ms. Richards at richardk@belmonthill.org or stop by room S1 on the first floor of Science.”

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