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BH Robotics and Makerspace

The Maker’s Club, now headed by Mr. Ziff, allows students to explore the world of robotics and technology while diving into all kinds of projects from VEX robotics to 3D printing. For the Upper School, there will be two categories: Robotics and Engineering. The robotics side aims to offer participants a chance to take part in the VEX robotics competition, as well as to cater to the technological interests of students. The engineering section will be broader, fitting more to the ideas of the students. Depending on varied interests, there will be different projects and students will be able to choose whether to take part in solving an on-campus problem, entering in a drone race, or other exciting competitions.

Likewise, the Middle School has their own section that meets three times a week during the 4:00pm study hall. This club is broader and will not have two divisions; however, students in the Middle School club will have the same access to all the technologies, software, and resources that are available once the new Makerspace opens up.

When the new Makerspace is completed in January, the Maker’s Club will be able to take on much larger projects with new equipment, as well expand its scope of interests by branching out into new specialties, like drones. Mr. Ziff hopes to utilize this space to allow people with different hobbies to work on things they enjoy all under the overarching title of the Maker’s Club. With so many interesting tools to take advantage of, we hope to have you join us!



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