BH Seniors Lead Crew Team Meters Challenge

Despite not being able to compete in normal competition, the Belmont Hill crew team has displayed incredible perseverance throughout the past few months, competing in a new contest: the crew meters challenge. After the Florida trip in mid-spring was canceled, the senior leadership planned the meters challenge. The challenge motivates team members to stay in shape. After a bike or ergometer workout, a teammate submits the number of meters that they completed on a team Google spreadsheet. Without being able to work out together, the spreadsheet unites the group. 

Throughout this challenge, the senior leadership has held all athletes accountable. Aidan McGaugh has been an aerobic warrior during quarantine, logging over two million meters. As well, Aidan has been relentless on his mountain bike. Earlier this spring, he biked 100 miles twice in one week. McGaugh welcomes this monotonous training. During a 5 hour session on the bike, his power went out. Not wanting to stop biking, Aidan spent the next 4 hours without light or music. This work ethic will clearly lead Aidan to great success on the Nordic and Rowing teams at Bates College next year. Additionally, Luca Foschi-Walko has maintained his rigorous ergometer training program from the winter. His efforts will hopefully be rewarded by setting a new school record for 2,000 meters. 

Equally impressive are all of the seniors who have kept training in the spirit of togetherness. Jack Weldon and Charlie Donahue are not planning on continuing their rowing careers in college, yet have combined for an impressive 1,512,626 meters. Their persistent attitude of training is admired by all involved with the Belmont Hill crew program. Through leadership and effort like theirs, the crew team will be prepared and inspired to thrive next spring on the water.


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