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Blood Drive Comes to Belmont Hill

The Kraft family donor center mobile visited Belmont Hill for the spring donation window on March 5th. One of two throughout the year, the other being in the fall, the blood drive parks on campus and collects blood from students and teachers alike throughout the academic day. This spring a total of 31 transferable donations were completed, not near the record low 40s seen in past years but still a successful year. In total twelve students, twelve faculty and staff, and seven parents gave blood. 

Mr. Doar is the current faculty head of the blood drive and inherited it from Mrs. David and Mr. Sweeney eleven years ago. Since then, he has promoted the semi-yearly event in the days leading up to the center’s visit and organized its arrival. However, he has hoped that the program would evolve to be more “a student thing”, with students taking charge and donating to a good cause. 

The Kraft Family Donor Center is funded by donations and direction from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Dana Farber Institute. It began 30 years ago when Robert and Myra Kraft connected with multiple myeloma research expert Dr. Kenneth Anderson to form the program. The donor center collects the blood and then disperses it out to patients at both hospitals.

The nature of the Belmont Hill community is one that stresses giving back in all facets of our lives. Mr. Doar urged that giving blood is yet another way the Belmont Hill boys can do so: “For those who we encourage to donate, is that it isn’t scary or painful, and it’s a great way to think outside yourself. It is a great way to become a lifelong donor.” Giving blood can be done every two months at minimum but the Kraft Donor Center only visits Belmont Hill twice a year. Look forward to the event next fall and making a positive impact on the community.

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