Chicken Fights and More Fun at Camp Cody Trip 2015

Earlier this month, the sixth form embarked on a senior retreat to Camp Cody, a beautiful lakeside destination in bucolic Freedom, New Hampshire. The trip would last just over 24 hours; nevertheless, the senior class would forge some of its best moments together. When the buses pulled into camp, Mr. Bradley announced that the bunks were first-come, first-serve, which resulted in a beeline for the long wooden cabins tucked into the woods a few hundred yards from the lake. The first hour reserved for free-time, groups of friends engaged in a myriad of activities like Spike ball, football, and basketball. Others decided to take a short path to the camp beach, where the fine, white New Hampshire sand gave way into a shallow, muddy lake. Chicken fights ensued, helping all the boys release some pent-up energy from the long bus ride. After changing back at the cabins, the advisors directed us to a meeting house, where we listened to a brief talk by the school’s head psychologist, Dr. Thompson. Next, we broke up into advisor groups, and participated in some enjoyable team-building exercises. The highlight of the trip, however, would come after a hearty classic camp meal of hot dogs and hamburgers, when the whole form convened at the campfire for stories. Mr. Kaplan led the way, retelling the shenanigans that he and his friends partook in while students at Belmont Hill. Soon, it was our time to relive the memories of the past five years. At around 10:30 PM, we trundled back to our cabins to turn in after an exhausting day. Mr. Sherman, who likes a good night sleep, was not happy with the late-night noise that inevitably accompanies any cabin full of Belmont Hill boys. After some stern words, we gave up talking and went to bed, excited to spend one more morning at Camp Cody.

Come daybreak, another perfect blue sky welcomed us out of our cabins. Ravenous, we jostled into the dining hall for a breakfast that vastly exceeded expectations. Pancakes, fresh fruit, bacon, and even an omelet bar left us stuffed and ready to mess around for another hour before leaving. Most of the form decided on more organized activities, like full court basketball and futsal soccer. Others relaxed on the bleachers, catching some sun that would soon disappear back in Boston. When Mr. Bradley blew his whistle to start loading the buses, each of us couldn’t help but smile at the great 24 hours the seniors had shared together. Every boy will soon choose a different path to college and then into life, but on that day, we stuck together like brothers at Camp Cody.

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