The Legacy of Service from the Class of 2020 at BH

Throughout their six years at Belmont Hill, members of the Class of 2020 have contributed in a variety of ways of service related extracurricular activities. While these efforts have taken place both on and off campus by students formally recognized and not, The Panel hopes to highlight some of the efforts made and commend all Seniors who have helped any of their communities during their time at the school. 

Specifically in Belmont Hill community service, the Class of 2020 has made significant steps in helping to continue many of the efforts and projects which remain central to the program. These include the Breast Cancer Cookie Fundraiser, Halloween Candy Drive, OXFAM, Turkey Drive, Movember, December Beard-Off, Valentines Day Flower Sales, PWAP, Meadow Green Poker, Butler School, Work Crew, Blood Drives and many more. Even those boys who contribute off campus in their home communities, neighborhoods, religious associations, and with their families are commended for their efforts. One core component of the Community Service program is the March trip, and in the past five years, many members of the class have taken part. Mr. George and Mrs. David hoped to highlight the strength with which the entire group has made their mark on the school and how important it has been to continue projects for the future. 

What we describe as “typical” community service is only the beginning for the Class of 2020, many boys have contributed to the growth of Health and Wellness programs as well. Ms. Schmunk says that “Health and Wellness will miss the senior class,” and she specifically draws attention to the Family Group, the Meditation Club, and the Questioning Group. In Family Group, the “deep authentic style and commitment to the boys made the group extraordinarily successful this year,” and thanks to the leadership in the senior class, “the group will continue to thrive.” Ms. Schmunk also highlights the commitment of senior leadership in the Meditation Club saying that “the Club has led the way in helping students access alternative treatments for anxiety in our culture.” Finally, in a less public group on campus, the Questioning Group, Ms. Schmunk notes that she “depends on seniors to quietly lead boys through authenticity of personality, sensitivity, and open conversation.” It is clear in all of these groups that the seniors led by example and helped strengthen and preserve each important effort for the future. 

Another area of service to the Belmont Hill community is in Peer Tutoring. A  host of seniors have participated and helped younger students throughout their time at the school. Mrs. Richards notes that “the Class of 2020 is a wonderful group of BHS boys,” and that “over the years, so many members volunteered to peer tutor others in our community.” In particular this year, despite the constrictions of the college application schedule, many boys continued to contribute strongly to the program. 

The Panel thanks every member of this Senior Class for their service both to our community and every other that they are a part of. Your presence will be missed across our campus and we are indebted to you all for ensuring the continuity of your efforts for the future.

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