Class of ’23 Leaves Behind an Impressive Academic Legacy

As the graduating seniors prepare to depart from Belmont Hill, it is clear the Class of 2023 has left a distinct impression on campus. This is perhaps best seen through their incredible hard work and academic accomplishments over their time at Belmont Hill. This year, 17 students were inducted into the Cum Laude Society: Jack Abbrecht, Jerry Austin, Mac Bobo, Jason Cannistraro, Daniel Cho, David Cho, Jeremy Eaton, Malcolm Grant, Quinn Healey, Alex Lo, Cooper Nelson, William Nolan, Frederick Pimental, Turner Rayment, Jack Shah, Kevin Simmons, and Max Wagner. At last years’ Prize Day, 6 students earned the Maureen O’Donnell Book Prize: Jason Cannistraro, David Cho, Jeremy Eaton, Turner Rayment, Mac Bobo, and Jerry Austin. Jason and David also won the Jared Waterbury Scudder Latin Prize. Furthermore, James Hurd and Cooper Nelson were recognized for the Raymund A. Kathe Prize and Max Wagner was recognized for the Rensselaer Mathematics and Science Medal. Finally, Jeremy Eaton,
Turner Rayment, Max Wagner won the Williams College Book Prize, and Mac Bobo ’23 was awarded with the Harvard Club of Boston Book Prize. There were many other awards and students not mentioned here that also deserve recognition for their intellect and hard work over their Belmont Hill careers. The Panel congratulates and thanks all members of the Class of 2023 for their undying academic legacy that is sure to inspire many classes to follow for years to come.

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