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Club Offerings for Fall 2020

       Remember when you used to be able to meet with your friends after school in clubs? Clubs are officially back for fall 2020! Although most of the clubs are now held online instead of gathering together after school, they will remain as a means for you to explore your personal interests and opportunities to meet with your friends. Before we get into the detailed offerings we have for clubs, BIG shoutout to Mr. Bradley for putting on such a diverse and plenteous list of clubs! Those clubs offer us mental breaks from the high pressure study environment and special circumstances especially during the pandemic.

           This year’s offerings are very diverse, from sports card trading club with Mr. Bracken to Chinese cooking club with Mr. Shen:

The sports card trading club is a new club this year aiming to offer students who are interested in sports cards a place to discuss and trading cards.

The Chinese and French cooking clubs took advantage of Zoom meetings, when the students all have access to their own kitchen.

The Podium and The Panel are respectively biannual and monthly publications. Students who are interested in writing articles or making online podcasts should give them a try.

As always, we have language clubs for all languages taught here, including the Classics Club, the Spanish Club and the French Club. They offer students with strong interest in language extra opportunities to further their endeavor in those languages.

If you are interested in Science or Math, we have a number of options for you; including the STEM club with Mrs. Sweeney, Sustainability Club, Maker’s Club and Quiz Bowl both with Mr. Choi. Those offerings help students build a stronger background in the science and math field.

For eloquent students who are interested in participating in discussions and debates, we have the debate club with Dr. Tift and Model UN with Ms. Zener. Those clubs offer practices in the expression of ideas and formulation of arguments.

For other clubs, you can check out the list of offerings. Ultimately, the clubs at Belmont Hill this year are all about what you want from it. The purpose of all of the clubs is to offer students a possibility to further extend their interests in a certain field outside their classrooms. In the end offering a holistic experience for all students with diverse backgrounds and interests. If you have any questions regarding the clubs or you want to start your own club, you can contact Mr. Bradley to get more information. 


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