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CNBC Republican Debate

The CNBC Republican Presidential Debate on October 28th was a virtual trainwreck, reflecting what Republican Debates have unfortunately become, a constant cacophony of misguided attacks with derisive moderators and campaigners that lacks substance. The candidates constantly argue about fairness and equality of questioning and speaking time and past records and grievances, not about their actual policy as the potential leader of the free world. Here are some “awards” for the CNBC Republican Debate:

Winner: Marco Rubio. He fended off the stuttering and rattled Jeb Bush with the smooth talk of a well prepared man.

Loser: Jeb Bush. Classic little brother move to try to fight someone without being prepared to back up the attack other than with a last name.

Starting strong but tripping at the finish line: John Kasich leapt out of the starting blocks with simplistic and powerful statements, but faded into the background when he started using creative words like “disintermediate” then spent the whole night wondering what that word meant instead of talking.

Fading into the woodwork: Carly Fiorina. She seems to have already forgotten about the campaign. She could be heard asking Siri for directions back to HP Headquarters after the debate.

Holding on: Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump. Trump is still there – will he really go all the way? Dr. Carson needed a nap like always but managed to speak almost much as Trump, who uncharacteristically barely spoke at all.

Who are you again: Rand Paul. No really, who are you? His dad Ron Paul might not even know.

Are you serious?: CNBC moderators, can you please act like adults and not ask biased questions? Go back to JV, will you? Poor job by the CNBC moderators Becky Quick, John Harwood, and Carl Quintanilla.

Saying it like it is: Ted Cruz for standing up to the variation in questions between Democratic debates and Republican debates.

Campaign Frontrunners: Rubio and Trump

Rubio is a fresh face that represents a diverse country and impressive senatorial career. He has fared well in all the debates and has emerged out of the Republican pig pile with the ball for now.

People are tired of mainstream, stagnant politicians and Trump refuses to sound like anybody else on the stage. He has a new view of how to highlight the country’s problems reinvigorate the nation’s strength; yet, he is scared and afraid of being criticized and lashes out. He is the “Sir Topham Hatt” bossman and the Alpha Male of this race.

President Obama said in an interview on Monday, “If you can’t handle those guys, you know then I don’t think the Chinese and the Russians are gonna be too worried about you,” referring to the candidates who complained about the CNBC moderators. We shall see how they fare in the race and possibly as the leader of our special country.

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