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Congratulations, Admitted Students!

What is The Panel?

Since 1953, The Panel has been Belmont Hill’s student newspaper. For 66 years, our publication has been entirely student-run, and the monthly issues we publish cover student life and school news at Belmont Hill, featuring the work of student authors, editors, photographers, and artists from the Upper School. Each normal issue includes sections on news, sports, arts, and opinion; a center spread feature on an issue of student relevance and a humorous backpage complement our four core sections. In addition to seven standard issues each volume, The Panel also releases special issues, like this Admissions Issue or The Flannel, a spring satire issue.

Although we remain committed to a print medium for our main issues, The Panel has been excited to increase its online presence in recent years. In 2016, The Panel launched its website, bhpanel.org, which has garnered over 15,000 views to date. We also maintain feeds on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube (@bhpanel), and all platforms present opportunities for greater connection with our readership and more immediate news updates.

The Panel shares a unique connection with Winsor, one of Belmont Hill’s sister schools. Every other printing, Winsor and Belmont Hill publish a joint issue of The Panel, and both communities benefit from the shared exchange of news, opinions, and student life.


What is this issue?

This Admissions Issue of The Panel highlights a variety of stories published throughout the year. 2017-2018 has been a busy year for the school, and our coverage in the following pages details the diversity of this year’s happenings.

As you learn more about Belmont Hill and consider where you might attend school next fall, we hope this special edition helps illuminate the strength of our active community and the activities, events, and fun in which you can look forward to participating. Enjoy!

To view the full issue, check out: Panel Volume 66, Special Issue No. 1 (April 2018)

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