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Cooking Around the World Program

In a time when COVID makes travelling around the world unsafe, the “Cooking Around the World” project allows for the exploration of global experiences domestically. The project, which was organized by Ms. Zener, launched in early December. She remarks that “the Cooking Around the World project invites members of the school community to share heritage cuisine” through interactive cooking classes via Zoom. Since its inception, Belmont Hill has taken part in a cultural celebration through the sharing of delicious food. Members of the school community, as well as their families, are able to explore and experience various aspects of the cultures that comprise Belmont Hill’s cultural mosaic while also having fun and enjoying company when cooking each dish. 

So far, seven cooking classes have taken place featuring dishes like Jewish Challah bread, German Christmas cookies (Ausstecherle) and spiced hamburgers (Frigadellen), Moroccan Harira soup, Lebanese Shish Tawook chicken, Armenian red lentil patties (Vosbov Kufte), and a three-dish Spanish supper. The lessons will continue through the spring, with already scheduled classes featuring Palestinian, Chinese, Italian, Zimbabwean/Shona, and Eritrean cuisine. Every continent but Antarctica will be visited virtually. 

Howard Huang ’22, a participant and future host who will be cooking Chinese chow-mein, said, “I really enjoyed learning about other cultures while cooking alongside some of my friends, and I can’t wait to lead a class of my own.” All recipes and Zoom videos are posted to the Cooking Around the World website, so you can still connect with other cultures even if you cannot attend the Tuesday afternoon classes. Many have already done so, cooking the recipes at their own pace and sharing pictures of their creations. Cooking Around the World has enabled members of the school community to experience foreign cultures from the safety and comfort of their homes. 

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