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Debate of the Issue: Christmas

Christmas. Christmas isn’t just your average holiday; no, it is much, much more.  Christmas represents all that is good in the world. Spending time with relatives is one of the great aspects of this joyous holiday. Seeing aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents that you haven’t seen in a whilemaybe since last Christmasprovides an excellent opportunity to catch up. While you’re catching up, you can smell the refreshing and homey scent of the Christmas tree in the family room. Picking a tree is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. It requires careful consideration of all the different varieties, heights, and thicknesses. I personally choose the Balsam Fir but I know people who pick Leyland Cypress in a pinch. Once you’ve chosen your tree, it’s time to decorate it with lights and ornaments. In a broad sense, the lights represent the path through life that we all take, and the ornaments represent the meaningful experiences that we have along the way. At the very top of that staircase of life is a star. A star that represents all the incredible people that have finished their path, and now watch from above at all those gathered around the tree, partaking in merriment and laughter. Decorating a Christmas tree with your family is one of those time-honored traditions that truly brings people together. Togetherness is incredibly important in this time of division for our country [so important that it might even garner a Woodbury speech from John Markis]. Moving on. I don’t care if you are a 3-year-old or an 87-year-old; you like presents. Do you get presents at Thanksgiving? That’s what I thought. Remember all the subtle hints you dropped to your mom throughout the year, like when you pointed at the new Call of Duty and said, “I want that for Christmas.” Well, guess what?  It’s Christmas, baby, and you get that new Call of Duty today! That feelingthe feeling of getting something that you’ve been waiting months foris unbeatable. To summarize: Christmas has family, Christmas trees, and presents. Oh, and one last thing…we get 2 weeks off *drops mic*.

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