Debate of the Issue: Is Tom Brady Actually Retiring

Yes, he is: Lev

While every New England Patriots fan secretly hoped that Brady would return to give us another shot at a Super Bowl, he is finally retired, and for good. There is no doubt that Brady may be one of the most competitive humans ever; however, it is clear when watching him that football is not filling that hunger for competition any longer. Many times throughout the 2022-2023 season, the camera would pan to Brady disgusted at his team’s and his own play, One of the funniest moments of the season was when Brady slammed a film tablet on the bench. 

Although Brady came to the same decision last season, this year is different. Last year he tested the uncharted waters of retirement, thought that he enjoyed football more, and returned. Now he knows what to expect in retirement and chose that over playing football, so his decision will be final. 

Additionally, no team would be willing to give up their future for a few years of Tom Brady, and Brady was not willing to face the reality that he may not be a desired commodity. Based on his play this season and the poor performance of the Bucs’ he does not look like he is a Super-Bowl-caliber quarterback any longer. The only reason for playing more would be to pad his stats and solidify his records, originally, he had said he would not stop playing until there are thirty-two other quarterbacks better than him; however, now with there being arguably five to ten better, he realized his chance of winning another Super Bowl is over. There lies his true motivation for the game and for his competitive spirit: to win. If he no longer can do so, then he has no other choice but to retire. 

Furthermore, Brady is not retiring from football altogether, but retiring from playing quarterback .  Upon announcing his retirement, Brady signed a massive $300-million-dollar contract with FOX to broadcast. He will be making more money than he would as a player while getting to critique and give insight never seen before to audiences watching. Now, living in Florida, Brady will enjoy retirement by relaxing on the beach and occasionally tuning into NFL games. There is no way around it, Brady is done.


No, he isn’t: Luke Trevisan

Is Tom Brady really going to retire so early in his career? The young prospect recently tweeted a 50-second-long retirement video, in which he claims he is going to retire, again. However, we all know that he is faking it yet again. 

Last year, Brady pulled the same stunt. After the news was spoiled by reporter Adam Schefter, Brady tweeted a multi-paragraph note explaining his strong love for the game and the reasons that he was going to leave it. But 40 days later, he signed on for another year contract with the Buccaneers. What is to say he isn’t going to do it again? 

Brady has many reasons to stick around. First, even at 45, he is still breaking records and smashing expectations. Last year, he set the record for most completions in one season (485) and this year he broke it again, tossing 490 completions to his receivers. He also had his most yards since 2015 (4694) and his second-best completion percentage (66.8%) since that same time. Tom has not slowed down; he’s just getting started. 

Additionally, Brady and the team did not have the success they were looking for this season. This would be demoralizing to anyone except the GOAT himself. Brady led the Buccaneers to the first losing season of his career (8-9). Furthermore, the Buccaneers lost to the Colts (4-12-1) as well as the Cowboys, which was Brady’s first-ever loss to “America’s Team.” How can anyone, let alone Tom Brady be content with themselves after losing to the Cowboys? I know for a fact he isn’t, as he personally told me, “I will return.” He will take revenge next year after he unretires. 

Finally, Tom Brady is nothing without football. Brady is dedicated to the game, and the game is dedicated to him. He made his decision last year when he chose the sport over his marriage, and he will continue that trend for the foreseeable future. Tom Brady continues to break records, and after finding himself bored again within the next two months, will go on yet another revenge tour. I can’t wait to see number 12 out on the field next year.


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