Debate of the Issue: Summer vs. Winter

Summer: (Lev)

There is only one right answer to this question: summer. The best time of the year is not the cold and dark miserable winter. No, it is the sunny and fun summer. Would you rather be walking home at 4:30 to do mountains of homework and it is dark and snowing outside? Or playing on the beach with friends with no worries at all. To me there is no debate. While the winter does allow for some good things such as skiing and snowball fights, it is still vastly inferior to summer, in a way that is not their own fault. Summer is when there is no school, it is a break during the climax of the seasons. It is not winter’s fault that some of the hardest weeks of school are during the winter, and the grind of school is crescendoing into an all-out sprint towards… you guessed it, summer. Winter may be the second best season, but it is not even close to summer in any capacity. What about skiing? Try water skiing. What about snowball fights? Try football on the beach. For every good thing about winter there are five times as many good things about summer. For example, we all love the nearly monthlong break during the holiday season. Well, summer has triple that. This debate is not close. Winter is type two fun. Summer is type one fun. Winter has short days, getting dark closer to four everyday. Summer has long days with the sun setting at nine. With the stress of school gone, fun opportunities galore, and enjoying the sun with friends, there is one simple choice when debating winter v.s summer.

Winter:  (Luke)

Despite what my esteemed opponent tries to convince you of, summer is not the superior season. Winter is. First of all: snow. Snow, for those who don’t know, is the crystallization of water into small, lofty flakes, or “snowflakes”. Especially up in New England, snow is a big part of the winter time. And snow is awesome. Now, you might be asking, “Well what about sand, isn’t that just better snow?”, and I answer you that no, no it is not. While you may be able to build things out of and recline in both substances, can you throw sandballs? Can you take a nice, refreshing bite out of sand? I thought not. And anyways, you can still visit the beach and make a sandcastle in the winter, although I don’t understand why you would when there is snow on the ground. 

We also can’t forget about what memories we have of the wintertime. Imagine relaxing on the couch in your pajamas curled up in a blanket after waking up late on a snow day with hot chocolate in hand next to the fire watching a show. That sounds 100x nicer than laying on a sticky pool chair swatting at mosquitoes while getting sunburned. Additionally, there are memories of winter break and the holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or another, we all share the special feelings of growing closer to our friends and family. And then, when the new year comes around, we can reflect on the year we’ve had as well as the one ahead of us. 

Finally I would like to point out the hypocrisy in my opponent’s language, for he states that “there is no debate” but then mentions that “This debate is not close.” Is there, or is there not a debate, Lev? I need answers! Nevertheless, I am comfortable knowing the answer to this question. Winter is the best season.


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