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Debate of the Issue: Thanksgiving

*picks up mic* Thanksgiving combines all the most wholesome aspects of the holiday season. From football to food to family, the most core aspects of this time-honored holiday instill patriotism, togetherness, and appreciation countrywide.

Nothing is more American than watching football…well maybe except watching football on Thanksgiving. On the Pilgrim holiday, tens maybe even hundreds of millions of fans will tune in to one of the several football games packed into Turkey Day. Some may even go outside and pass around the pigskin themselves. This widespread celebration centered around American sport and holiday epitomizes love of country.

The abundance and diversity of food during Thanksgiving is arguably its most notable feature. From apple pie to roast turkey to apple cider, there is something for everyone to eat and enjoy. Exchanges of “thank you’s” commonly fill the dinner table on Thanksgiving day, but only after everyone has shoveled down at least two plates. Grandma’s great cooking helps remind everyone of what they can be grateful for.

Only Thanksgiving can bring together so many people. It’s the one time of year during which you can see your entire extended family, cousins, aunts, grandparentseven that drunk uncle. A sense of togetherness is never stronger at any other time during the year.

In contrast, Christmas represents disdainful excess in America. At its foundation, modern-day Christmas revolves around one thing: presents. No longer does the holiday with ironically Pagan roots signify the glorious birth of Jesus Christ (the cute baby one, praise be), but instead, it marks a period of rampant consumerism. As the 25th of December nears, advertisements for gifts flood the internet, TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers. Retailers offer up huge sales to attract the glutinous masses to one of their many overcrowded mall locations. Children write ever-expanding lists of gadgets and gear, nickeling and diming their own parents for hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Despite its honest intentions, Christmas has evolved into a beast far more harmful than good.*also drops mic*

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