DOTI: Do You Wear the Extra Layer Over or Under the Blazer?

With the winter months here, the incoming frigid weather is imminent and sub-freezing temperatures are soon to be a norm, the solution; over blazer jackets. There is nothing like stepping out of your car on a chilly winter day the harsh wind hitting your face, and the a warm winter jacket wrapping a


Over Blazer: Lev

To deal with the winter months there is only one thing that can dampen the sharp cold air: an overcoat. There is no feeling like putting on a huge coat, maybe some sort of Belmont Hill Varsity gear, and feeling comfortable while walking up from the parking lot. Then when you get to class, your first class is Mr. Martellini’s notoriously over-heated classroom, and you take off your outer coat and can sit comfortably in your blazer or regular school shirt. However, if you had decided to wear a quarter-zip or sweater, you would be sweating all class unless you wanted to take the excruciating time to actually remove the sweater. 

The over-the-blazer coat is such a game changer, not only do you get the warmth of the under-the blazer coat, but the functionality of it is unmatched. Sweaters lack one critical thing, pockets. We all know how annoying it can be to have to dig into your extra small dress-pants pockets for keys or a phone while sitting down. However, with the overcoat it is extremely easy to just take a phone or wallet out of a nicely zipped up pocket. 

As well, it is inevitable that at least one day a year you forget your blazer; it’s ok you’re human. Now, you could walk around proudly with no blazer and a sweater like Ethan Sidman, but for those who do not wish to endure the wrath of Mr. Butler and Mr. Bradley, it is far easier to hide a no-blazer day with a large coat. Seeing as how I do not wish to waiter in my senior year, I will be sticking with the overcoat every morning. 

Finally, it is an unequivocal fact that overcoats are more functional than under-the blazer ones. If Trev wants to tell me that on a 15-degree day he shows up to school with a light quarter-zip under his blazer and nothing else, then fine he can win this one. But, for those of us who do not wish to get frostbite, the overcoat is at this point a necessity in the Boston weather. While I will admit in the Fall it is nice to show up with a quarter-zip to school, getting into January and February it is irresponsible to be wearing such a light coat, especially in the snow. So, I will be continuing to wear my new Nordic swix jacket, and be warm and cozy in these next few months while Trev freezes in his stylish yet functionless college sweatshirt. 


Under Blazer: Trevisan

I am a big fan of the fall and winter, as they bring changing leaves, holidays, and football. And while I enjoy the perks of the cold weather, I don’t actually enjoy the cold and prefer to stay bundled up. Unlike Lev, however, I think it is warmer, more functional, and more alluring to wear the extra layers under your blazer.

With a tight vest or a snug sweater, your collared shirt and undershirt are held even tighter around you, acting like a big cozy fabric hug. It is scientifically proven that vests and sweaters return 400% of the body heat you give off because of their proximity to your body. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about them unzipping, unlike the big puffy parkas. Most of the kids who wear them walk around with their coats unzipped and hanging wide open, defeating any of their heat retention purposes.

Additionally, keeping everything contained under a blazer means that you can go about the day without worry of a bulky overlayer weighing you down. Rather than have to cram into a desk or struggle to fit through a doorway, I can go about my day like I would any other, feeling sleek and nimble while staying even warmer. At lunch, I relish the plight of coat wearers who must robotically obey Mr. Bradley’s command to “remove your outer coats”, or risk a personal shoutout from him. Instead, I remain as warm as ever and can enjoy my lunch to the fullest. Also, after you take off your outer layer and drape it over your chair, what do you do if you want to take off your blazer? 

Finally, and most importantly, wearing a layer under your blazer is more stylish. Putting on a blazer is the hallmark of the Belmont Hill uniform and it can’t be seen if you cover it with a shabby coat. Instead, compliment your blazer with something underneath that can make your outfit pop. From a pullover to a quarter-zip to a well-made vest, there are so many options to stay warm. Couple that with a collar, turtle neck or no collar at all and add in fashionable patterns, designs and color, and you can be the talk of the town. Compare that to the same, boring coat you wear every single day. I know which one I would choose.

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