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Dr. Goldberg Introduction

Dr. Goldberg joins Belmont Hill with expertise in the sciences and years of working with students at Johns Hopkins University. He is taking on the role of Science Department Chair and is teaching AP Biology, Biology, and Biomedical Engineering and Design. The Biomedical Engineering course will be co-taught by his colleagues at Johns Hopkins. His role will be to support the academic needs of five Belmont Hill students who will be working alongside Hopkins students. He is also an advisor in the Fourth Form and looks forward to leading an extracurricular leadership program and coaching lacrosse in the spring season. Dr. Goldberg is excited to be a part of the Belmont Hill community and hopes to help students realize their potential throughout the year and beyond. 

Dr. Goldberg grew up in Baltimore, attending the Friends School. There, he played lacrosse and soccer, as well as developed his interest in science. He then attended Franklin and Marshall college, where he majored in Biology and continued to play lacrosse. 

Dr. Goldberg entered the professional sector as a teacher at The Gilman School and then at The Friends School, returning to his Baltimore roots. At Gilman he taught math while also coaching the lacrosse and soccer teams. At Friends he taught Biology and coached both lacrosse and soccer. During this time, Dr. Goldberg pursued a Master’s Degree in computer science and another in education at Johns Hopkins. After seven years of teaching, he became a full-time student and attended The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine as a doctoral student in the Department of Molecular Biophysics. His thesis work centered on designing DNA binding proteins involved in gene regulation. 

After receiving his degree, Dr. Goldberg became an associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and accepted the position of Assistant Dean at the School of Medicine. 

After filling so many roles at John Hopkins University, we are lucky to have Dr. Goldberg at Belmont Hill. Dr. Goldberg emphasizes that he looks forward to being part of the Belmont Hill community, stating  “After my interview, it was clear that I’d be able to interact with wonderful students and colleagues.” He has moved to the area with his wife Cinnie and their two Bernese Mountain dogs. In his free time, he enjoys woodworking and skiing, both on snow and water. 

All of us in the Belmont Hill community, especially his science students and lacrosse players, are excited to welcome Dr. Goldberg to our school!

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