Food Committee Strives to Make Belmont Hill Food Great Again

The Belmont Hill Food Committee, led by Abe Tolkoff and the dining coordinator Ms. Sharon Wu, is off to a strong start this fall. The team consists of students from all grades, including but not limited to: Dietrich Jacobs ’22, Brogan Chitkara ’23, and former head Timothy McCormick ’21. Abe says, “the goal of the Food Committee is to introduce more student and faculty opinion into the dining service, and bridge the gap in what the community eats and what is served.” The committee has discussed many matters regarding paninis, pasta, fruits/vegetables on tables, and main course options. The panini machines have the full support of the food committee and Ms. Wu as long as peanut butter never enters the press, and oils such as butter remain on the inside of the bread. Additionally, pasta is now being introduced as a main meal while also being offered at the salad bars. With this change, the kitchen staff hopes to reduce the congestion at the salad bar, and the food committee hopes to provide the student poll-driven demand for more pasta. Regarding the small bowls of fruits and vegetables on the tables for lunch, there are discussions that these bowls may be removed, and a pan available in the kitchen if you would like some. Finally, the main course options are always being adjusted and refined to fit the likes of the student body and faculty. The food committee is always taking suggestions for new meals and meals that students would like to see less off. If you have any suggestions, please email Abe Tolkoff or Ms. Sharon Wu. 

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