French Students go to France for Spring Break

This March break, nineteen Belmont Hill French students visited France with Mrs. Montanaro. After landing in Paris, the students spent the first day taking a bus tour of Paris and acclimating themselves to the fifth district of Paris. On the following day, the group visited the Louvre Museum where they participated in a scavenger hunt created by Mrs. Montanaro. The students then took a trip to the Champs-Elysees where they were given time to explore all the fancy stores and the Arc De Triomphe as the Place de la Concorde. That night, the group visited the Eiffel Tower and took the trip to the viewing deck at the top of the tower. 

On the fourth day in Paris, the students visited the Gardens and Palace of Versailles. Finally, on their last day in Paris, they visited the Catacombs in the morning before getting on a train to Rennes, a city about an hour and a half Southwest of France. There, each student was assigned a French host family from a local school who provided us with a place to stay as well as introduced us to many French traditions and foods. For the first day in Rennes, the students took a trip to Saint-Malo, a town on the northern shores of France with rich history and beautiful beaches. On the second day, students attended two classes with their French host sibling before heading off to explore the city of Rennes. 

On the last day of the trip, the host siblings of each student accompanied the group to visit Mont-Saint Michel where we explored the island and took a walk out on the vast expanses of quicksand at low tide. The group then returned home the next morning concluding the week-long France Trip.

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