General Mark A. Milley ’76 Announces Retirement

General Mark A. Milley’s ’76 recent announcement of retirement from office later this year celebrates the end of a distinguished career in the military and public service. Milley ascended through the ranks to become one of the most respected military leaders of his generation. In addition to his military service, General Milley also served as a public servant, holding several key standings in the nation, such as serving as the Secretary of Defense and eventually as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Joint Chief of Staff.

General Milley’s commitment to duty and his soldiers made him notable throughout his career. He led with integrity and put the needs of his country and his fellow service members before his own. He was an amazing general and leader known for his capability and his passion for serving his country.

In addition to his military achievements, General Milley also made important contributions to the country as a public servant. He was a strong advocate for veterans and worked hard so that they could receive the support and resources they needed. He also contributed to the fields of national security and foreign policy. He was known for his ability to bring different perspectives and opinions together to reach a consensus on key issues. General Milley placed his country in front of himself and inspired others to strive to do the right thing perennially.

Furthermore, he has been a massive part of Belmont Hill’s community. He came to talk in The Chapel a few months ago and left a lasting impact on those who came to watch him. His never-ending support for BH and his continuous hosting of the Form II students on their annual D.C. trip is something that will never be forgotten.

General Milley’s retirement from office marks the end of an era, but his legacy will live on. He will live on both in Belmont Hill’s community and in America. When he retires later in the year, it will be another milestone and celebration of his illustrious career.

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